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Livelihood and Food Security

SSWC has been involved in livelihood programs since 1992 to cater for women and children and other vulnerable groups in Somalia. The organization implemented huge number of projects on livelihood since its establishment and supported the vulnerable groups to improve food security, cash for work and creation of small scale business. Currently SSWC is planning to implement distribution of food voucher and agricultural inputs project in Afgooye Lower Shebelle region.

Women Empowerment

The prevalence of high rate of unemployment and low income of women in Banadir region prompted SSWC to study and identify solutions to create sustainable income for the desperate groups in target areas. Through discussions and interviews conducted, SSWC developed Women income-generation project in nature and women Skill Training proposal to donors. The institution intends to increase livelihood and food security of women households and their respective back loads. This encourages Somali women to enhance empowerments and attend decision-making bodies of Somalia respectively.

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